The Benefits of Scotchguarding in Your Every Day Use


The best way to explain the benefits of scotchguarding is to explain the origins of this new word in the English language. The Scotchguard™ brand of stain protection has been around since 1952. It was first conceived as a new way to clean stains out of carpets. The other benefits were as yet unknown. The formula was tested on furniture and other fabrics and shown to repel water and oil on these surfaces.

The main benefit that most carpet cleaners see with Scotchguard™ is the fact that the formula repels stains from carpets. When it was first introduced the only benefit was that oil and water stains could be easily cleaned from a carpet. It soon became apparent that the formula actually repelled stains and dirt from deeply embedding in carpets. In other words, spraying Scotchguard™ on a carpet could make it a whole lot easier to clean.

The term scotchguarding came into usage because of the unique properties of Scotchguard™ had proved to do exactly what they said they would do. It wasn’t until scientists and consumers discovered new benefits such as water proofing and mold resistance that the term scotchguarding came into general practice.

The main Scotchguard™ website, states that their products protect the things that you love so they can last. The long lasting clean benefit is probably one of the most popular reasons why consumers love Scotchguard™ and why it became such a household name. It is interesting to note that the formula for Scotchguard™ hasn’t changed all that much since it was first introduced, except for the fact that it uses a more environmentally friendly formula.

So when you hear the word scotchguarding, it is safe to assume that the person means that they are using a formula that repels stains, water, oil and dust from surfaces. It is also quite safe to assume that the person means that they are using Scotchguard™ products. Genuine Scotchguard™ products have a proven record of protecting carpets, upholstery and other fabric surfaces. It also works on glass and tile surfaces, stainless steel and countertops.

The many benefits of scotchguarding your possessions from mold and mildew can’t be estimated. It’s the Scotchguard™ motto to help protect the things you love from water and oil based stains. Carpets and other materials that have been sprayed with Scotchguard™ maintain their clean state for much longer than carpets that don’t use Scotchguard™.