Carpet and A Healthy Home

Carpet Cleaning is an absolute necessity. Carpets act sort of like a filter in a fish tank does. Over time muck and disgust accumulate in the filter itself, until there is so much disgust in that filter it must be either cleaned or replaced. When a filter gets backed up, it’s easy to tell; the fish tank becomes slimy and disgusting. Likewise, when it’s time to do a deep clean on your carpet, you’ll know.

There is more than one kind of carpet cleaning service out there. Rugs or entryway carpets are usually of a kind which can be cleaned by their owners with relative ease; though services certainly exist for these. But primarily, carpet cleaning services cater to clients who need the carpet which isn’t mobile cleaned; and that only makes sense. There isn’t a great market for chores that can easily be done by an individual at diminished expense. No, most carpet cleaning jobs are of the variety which either steam cleans a given carpet, or shampoos it; or some combination of the two.

Like that fish tank filter, over time carpets will accrue detritus. Things like cat hair, pet dander, human dander, dirt, dust, fuzz, stains–these things collect and suffuse carpet fibers so much that often the very weight of a carpet doubles or even triples over time. A carpet that weighs twenty pounds when you install it could weigh as much as one hundred pounds when it is cleaned.

There are a lot of health benefits to carpets in general. First and foremost, because the fibers trap things like dust and dander, they actually help prevent allergies. Of course, that allergy prevention reverses when a carpet hasn’t been cleaned in the commensurate amount of time. Carpets that really need cleaned will kick up dust with every step, because there just isn’t any more room in the fibers to subsume it. Cleaning it gets rid of this dust, and suddenly it’s easier to breathe in the rumpus room again.

Regular cleaning in general is necessary for a healthy household, but with carpets such cleaning is an absolute necessity. But the reality is that cleanings will be so few and far between, they can be easy to forget. Don’t let forgetfulness induce allergic reaction. Schedule a regular carpet cleaning on a given day every year. Then the carpet will always be cleaned on time, and your house will be perpetually healthy.