5 Ways to Make Your Home Worth More – Easy Home Improvements


Easy home improvement projects can make a huge difference in your home and how your feel about yourself! When your home looks great, you feel great, too!

(1)One example of an easy home improvement project would be adding a garden arbor entry to your home. Garden arbors can cost thousands of dollars; however, you can buy a great looking kit in cedar, redwood or vinyl at your local home improvement center for $200 or $300. In most cases, they stand about seven feet high and three to four feet wide. The assembly will have to be done by you, of course. To do this project, you will need a screwdriver, hammer, cordless drill and a tape measure. Screws are usually included but if fasteners are not included, you will have to buy them. Before you leave the store, check the materials list.

(2) Another easy home improvement project is installing a window awning. Residential awnings come in various sizes and colors. Some are aluminum or plastic and the majority are made with weatherproof fabrics. Keep in mind; these window awnings are made to resist wind and some are retractable. It usually takes three to four hours to install and you will need the following tools: an adjustable wrench, a cordless drill, tape measure and level. You will also need a hammer. To prevent any leaks, fill any drilled holes with silicone sealant before you install bolts and screws.

(3) Edging your garden is still another easy home improvement project. Edging is a wonderful way to highlight your planting beds and a way to separate your lawn from your patio or garden. For this project, you will need wood or metal edging. They are between four to six inches high and some include spikes that hold the edging in place. The cost is between one to five dollars per foot. Keep in mind; plastic edging can be colored or specially molded to make it look like wood, brick or stone. Stone edging is especially decorative and functional. The tools you will need for this project are: a shovel, wheelbarrow, tin snips and work gloves. The time it takes for this project is between six to 10 hours.

(4) Another easy project is repainting! Instead of all-white walls, try a brighter color such as yellow or light blue. All you need for this project is several gallons of paint, several paint brushes, turpentine and several drop cloths. Repainting can lift your mood and make the inside of your home look like new.

(5) How about working on your floors? If you have hardwood floors and live in a cold climate, installing carpet can increase the comfort of your home in wondrous ways!

To conclude, easy home improvement projects not only make your home look great; they also make you feel great!  If you end up installing carpet keep them clean and up to par so they last long and they keep their warranty.  Check out more info at Carpet Cleaning Reno site