The Benefits of Scotchguarding in Your Every Day Use


The best way to explain the benefits of scotchguarding is to explain the origins of this new word in the English language. The Scotchguard™ brand of stain protection has been around since 1952. It was first conceived as a new way to clean stains out of carpets. The other benefits were as yet unknown. The formula was tested on furniture and other fabrics and shown to repel water and oil on these surfaces.

The main benefit that most carpet cleaners see with Scotchguard™ is the fact that the formula repels stains from carpets. When it was first introduced the only benefit was that oil and water stains could be easily cleaned from a carpet. It soon became apparent that the formula actually repelled stains and dirt from deeply embedding in carpets. In other words, spraying Scotchguard™ on a carpet could make it a whole lot easier to clean.

The term scotchguarding came into usage because of the unique properties of Scotchguard™ had proved to do exactly what they said they would do. It wasn’t until scientists and consumers discovered new benefits such as water proofing and mold resistance that the term scotchguarding came into general practice.

The main Scotchguard™ website, www.scotchguard.com states that their products protect the things that you love so they can last. The long lasting clean benefit is probably one of the most popular reasons why consumers love Scotchguard™ and why it became such a household name. It is interesting to note that the formula for Scotchguard™ hasn’t changed all that much since it was first introduced, except for the fact that it uses a more environmentally friendly formula.

So when you hear the word scotchguarding, it is safe to assume that the person means that they are using a formula that repels stains, water, oil and dust from surfaces. It is also quite safe to assume that the person means that they are using Scotchguard™ products. Genuine Scotchguard™ products have a proven record of protecting carpets, upholstery and other fabric surfaces. It also works on glass and tile surfaces, stainless steel and countertops.

The many benefits of scotchguarding your possessions from mold and mildew can’t be estimated. It’s the Scotchguard™ motto to help protect the things you love from water and oil based stains. Carpets and other materials that have been sprayed with Scotchguard™ maintain their clean state for much longer than carpets that don’t use Scotchguard™.


5 Ways to Make Your Home Worth More – Easy Home Improvements


Easy home improvement projects can make a huge difference in your home and how your feel about yourself! When your home looks great, you feel great, too!

(1)One example of an easy home improvement project would be adding a garden arbor entry to your home. Garden arbors can cost thousands of dollars; however, you can buy a great looking kit in cedar, redwood or vinyl at your local home improvement center for $200 or $300. In most cases, they stand about seven feet high and three to four feet wide. The assembly will have to be done by you, of course. To do this project, you will need a screwdriver, hammer, cordless drill and a tape measure. Screws are usually included but if fasteners are not included, you will have to buy them. Before you leave the store, check the materials list.

(2) Another easy home improvement project is installing a window awning. Residential awnings come in various sizes and colors. Some are aluminum or plastic and the majority are made with weatherproof fabrics. Keep in mind; these window awnings are made to resist wind and some are retractable. It usually takes three to four hours to install and you will need the following tools: an adjustable wrench, a cordless drill, tape measure and level. You will also need a hammer. To prevent any leaks, fill any drilled holes with silicone sealant before you install bolts and screws.

(3) Edging your garden is still another easy home improvement project. Edging is a wonderful way to highlight your planting beds and a way to separate your lawn from your patio or garden. For this project, you will need wood or metal edging. They are between four to six inches high and some include spikes that hold the edging in place. The cost is between one to five dollars per foot. Keep in mind; plastic edging can be colored or specially molded to make it look like wood, brick or stone. Stone edging is especially decorative and functional. The tools you will need for this project are: a shovel, wheelbarrow, tin snips and work gloves. The time it takes for this project is between six to 10 hours.

(4) Another easy project is repainting! Instead of all-white walls, try a brighter color such as yellow or light blue. All you need for this project is several gallons of paint, several paint brushes, turpentine and several drop cloths. Repainting can lift your mood and make the inside of your home look like new.

(5) How about working on your floors? If you have hardwood floors and live in a cold climate, installing carpet can increase the comfort of your home in wondrous ways!

To conclude, easy home improvement projects not only make your home look great; they also make you feel great!  If you end up installing carpet keep them clean and up to par so they last long and they keep their warranty.  Check out more info at Carpet Cleaning Reno site


Carpet and A Healthy Home

Carpet Cleaning is an absolute necessity. Carpets act sort of like a filter in a fish tank does. Over time muck and disgust accumulate in the filter itself, until there is so much disgust in that filter it must be either cleaned or replaced. When a filter gets backed up, it’s easy to tell; the fish tank becomes slimy and disgusting. Likewise, when it’s time to do a deep clean on your carpet, you’ll know.

There is more than one kind of carpet cleaning service out there. Rugs or entryway carpets are usually of a kind which can be cleaned by their owners with relative ease; though services certainly exist for these. But primarily, carpet cleaning services cater to clients who need the carpet which isn’t mobile cleaned; and that only makes sense. There isn’t a great market for chores that can easily be done by an individual at diminished expense. No, most carpet cleaning jobs are of the variety which either steam cleans a given carpet, or shampoos it; or some combination of the two.

Like that fish tank filter, over time carpets will accrue detritus. Things like cat hair, pet dander, human dander, dirt, dust, fuzz, stains–these things collect and suffuse carpet fibers so much that often the very weight of a carpet doubles or even triples over time. A carpet that weighs twenty pounds when you install it could weigh as much as one hundred pounds when it is cleaned.

There are a lot of health benefits to carpets in general. First and foremost, because the fibers trap things like dust and dander, they actually help prevent allergies. Of course, that allergy prevention reverses when a carpet hasn’t been cleaned in the commensurate amount of time. Carpets that really need cleaned will kick up dust with every step, because there just isn’t any more room in the fibers to subsume it. Cleaning it gets rid of this dust, and suddenly it’s easier to breathe in the rumpus room again.

Regular cleaning in general is necessary for a healthy household, but with carpets such cleaning is an absolute necessity. But the reality is that cleanings will be so few and far between, they can be easy to forget. Don’t let forgetfulness induce allergic reaction. Schedule a regular carpet cleaning on a given day every year. Then the carpet will always be cleaned on time, and your house will be perpetually healthy.


What To Do When A Home Suffers From Water Damage


Water damage can result from a number of unforeseen circumstances. A major rain storm, a burst pipe, a flooded sewer system could all contribute to massive amounts of water collecting inside a home. Taking immediate steps to fix the problem is a must. This way, the damage in the proper can be addressed without delay.

And it is very important not to delay. Damage that might seem “minor” is probably far worse than imagined. Painting over stains in the wall or pouring cleaning powders on a carpet will both do nothing. The presence of the moisture is likely going to contribute to continued rot. The walls, ceiling, and floor could end up reaching the point of no return meaning major structural repair work is required. In short, a home may need to be gutted and then rebuilt in sections. Obviously, this is going to be more extensive than having simple water damage work requested. So, contact a service that handles water damage tasks right away.

The property is going to have to be pumped and dried out of any puddles or collections of water. More than likely, this is going to be the first step to take. Pumping tools can get rid of large amounts of water that may have accumulated in the interior. There are special drying devices that are capable of eliminating moisture in the carpeting, walls, and elsewhere.

Getting rid of moisture is of paramount importance because the moisture will contribute to the growth of mold in the property. Mold brings with it scores of serious health hazards. Homes that are seriously infested with mobile might be barred by local laws from being sold. In some cases, a home might even be deemed condemned. Without a doubt, taking steps to prevent the presence of mold must be done without any delays. Mold is going to grow quickly, especially in the aftermath of water damage.

A full inspection must be done on the property as well. The may be many dangers lurking in a home that has suffered from water damage. The electrical system could be ready to cause a fire. Floorboards may be cracked and present hazards to people walking on them. The only way to determine how serious and extensive the dangers in a home are (if they even exist) is to have a full and thorough inspection performed.

All of these many steps are very important. Leave the task to those with experience and skill. Water damage is a serious matter. Treat it as such.

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8 tips for homeowners to help with choosing carpet for their homes


Choosing new carpeting in your home can be a difficult decision, especially when you have so many options, as well as different opinions in the household. Here are some tips that will help you to decide which carpeting fits your home the best.

1. Durability
Carpeting comes in various thickness and fiber, so you are going to have to decide which type fits your needs the best. This is going to involve picking out the thickness, whether you want to have a relatively thin carpet, something that is shaggy and thick, or something in between, as well as the fiber you want to use.

2. Color
Color is probably the thing that people think most of when picking out carpet and they are definitely correct. You will want to pick a color that matches best with the other items in your home.

3. Price
There are highly varying price ranges when it comes to carpeting, as the square footage can really start to rack up prices. If there is a slightly less desirable type of carpeting, but it is half the price, it could save you thousands of dollars.

4. Softness
Some carpets are fairly hard and some carpets are completely plush, so you will have to determine which type is most preferable for you and your family.

5. Pets
If you have pets, you are probably going to want to pick carpeting that is not very long and will not collect the hair like a magnet. This can create allergens and is undesirable for pet owners.

6. Padding
Just as you need to pick out the carpet, you are going to have to select the style and size of the padding that you would like, which is almost as important as picking out the carpet. Some people think that they can get cheap padding, but this is not advisable.

7. Maintenance
You should be aware about what it takes to take care of any style of carpeting that you choose. Different carpeting requires different maintenance, so you should discuss this with whichever company you are making your purchase with and be advised on the proper maintenance techniques.

8. Warranties
One of the most important things that you are going to want to consider when you purchase carpeting is the warranties that are offered. If you can, you always want to get a full warranty on your carpet for as long as you can get it.

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Home Cleaning and Maintenance

Everyone definitely loves and desires to see their home clean. Furthermore, a home that is not well maintained in a hygienic and safe way has the potential of posing problems and risks for the dwellers of such a home.
Potential hazards and problems posed by this negligence are numerous and can arise from diverse perspectives. These range from infections, food contamination, to easily becoming vulnerable to myriad of ailments. There is also the possibility of being stressed over simple things as the whereabouts of items that are used regularly in the house.  Carpet Cleaning in Sacramento CA companies have established lots of helpful and managable tips and ideas for keeping your home clean and healthy to live in.
Carpet clean is among the several routine practices that we undertake in keeping our homes clean. Carpets create a sense of warmth and comfort to the occupants of a home. Nonetheless, with time, the carpets can amass significant debris – from allergens to bacteria – than can have adverse impacts on the residents.

It is, thus, indispensable to take care of carpets by cleaning them and guarantee that they are in excellent condition at all times. The regular cleaning that is done at home only helps to remove dirt and debris at the top layer of the carpet. It is a daunting task, even when using a sophisticated vacuum cleaner, to eliminate various allergens and particles buried deep in the carpet fibers.
This is where a professional carpet and rug cleaning company comes in handy. With specialized equipment and skills, these experts are able to penetrate deeper into the carpets and remove virtually any accumulated debris. They achieved through the application of a carpet-specific cleaning agent. Pressurized hot water is then used, followed by a high-powered extraction procedure.

A specialized carpet-cleaning job of decent value will be well worth the cash spent. The cleaning expert ought to first pre-vacuum the carpet before proceeding with the specialized cleaning process. A minimal fee comprises these standard procedures by any qualified service for carpet cleaning.
The extraction is usually the final phase of the cleansing process. This means that the carpets are nearly dry by the time the experts are done with the cleaning. This highly reduces the dangers of mildew or mold growth after the hot water treatment. Your carpet is not only left clean, but it also looks great as well!
Professional carpet cleaning is an essential maintenance practice that all homeowners ought to undertake at least once every year. By eliminating accumulated allergens and particulates, consistent carpet cleaning helps to safeguard your family’s well-being and comfort.


3 Home Health Benefits To Carpet Cleaning


Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis not only keeps your home looking great but can provide health benefits as well.

1. Carpet Cleaning Removes Dust, Dirt, and Other Pollutants
Everyday dust and dirt are just the beginning of the pollutants that can get trapped in carpet fibers and ultimately cause a host of health problems. Pet dander, insects, mites, and a variety of allergens can all build up in carpets. Dust mites are microscopic, making it nearly impossible to tell if they’re present even after vacuuming. Professional cleaning can remove deeply embedded bacteria and other harmful pollutants that can increase allergy symptoms and make existing breathing conditions worse.

2. Carpet Cleaning Can Help Prevent the Growth of Mold
Mold and mildew growth in carpeting can cause health problems. This can be even more of a problem in high humidity areas and during the summer when the air tends to be moist. Mold and fungus can be even bigger problems on carpeting that is in or near kitchens and bathrooms. Bathroom carpets in particular tend to be damp and produce an ideal environment for mold growth. Excessive mold growth in the home can contribute to a variety of health conditions including nasal problems, frequent coughing, rashes, and eye irritations. Professional carpet cleaners can use high-powered drying equipment that will not only clean the carpets but dry them quickly.

3. Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Overall Air Quality in the Home
Many people may not realize just how important clean carpets are to the overall air quality in a home. Some studies have suggested that the air quality inside of the home may in many instances be worse than outside. While vacuuming can remove dirt from the surface of the carpet, professional cleaning is needed to get down deep into the fibers of the carpeting. Individuals who suffer from asthma or other breathing conditions are especially susceptible to poor air quality in the home. Even people who suffer from skin conditions are likely to benefit from the cleaner air that will result from having carpets professionally cleaned.

To make the most of these health benefits make sure to keep your carpets cleaned on a regular schedule by trained professionals. Carpet cleanings should be done more frequently in homes that have pets or small children.  Check Out Carpet Cleaning Lancaster PA Site


The Essentials of Selecting a Wedding Photographer


Selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most important aspects involved in wedding planning. Your wedding photos are the physical mementos of your special day that you will be able to share and reminisce with for the rest of your lives. This day is about you and your future spouse. You deserve beautiful wedding photos that represent this wonderful day.

Wedding photographers are highly experienced in the wedding and bridal industry. Their skills are needed in order to produce quality photos. You can count on the skills of a wedding photographer to take great shots of your special day. This field is their expertise. They know the appropriate times to take photographs. They are aware of the importance of placement for specific individuals such as the bridal party, family members and friends. They will work with your specific requests. They are very much attuned to the desires of the bride and groom for their perfect wedding photo desires.   Here’s a good example: Wedding Photography Missoula MT

A wedding photographer not only takes the stress off of the bride, groom, family and friends, a good photographer will make your time with him enjoyable and seem effortless. He/she has insight as to when and how to take the best shots. It is up to the others involved to just relax and have a good time. A good photographer will truly effortlessly control the photography session. It is also important to express your wedding photography goals with your photographer prior to your wedding. You will find that he/she will be eager to taper the session to your specific goals. You will even have the chance with come up with new and innovative photo ideas while consulting with your photographer.

The best way to ensure great wedding photos is to put full faith in your wedding photographer. Trust his/her credibility in the field. These are reliable individuals with much experience. You can almost guarantee they have seen, heard or experienced all types of wedding situations. Yours will not be anything out of the ordinary, or anything they can’t handle. Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life. Gather photo ideas from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, magazines and share them with your photographer. Have fun with it! And most importantly, let an expert in the field of wedding photography assist you with this important wedding detail that you will share and treasure the rest of your lives!


A Healthy Home Needs Professional Carpet Cleaning

A clean home is a happy home and when it comes to cleaning carpets you want to make certain that they are immaculate. Carpets collect dust, dirt, pet dander, hair, and allergens. While vacuuming may clear the surface and sometimes more, this is no substitute for a carpet cleaning. Just not any carpet cleaning will do. Professional carpet cleaning Glen Carbon IL, is the best, most thorough method of having a healthy home environment.

What should you expect from a professional carpet cleaner? One of the first things you will find is that only the smallest amount of water is used. This is environmentally conscious plus carpets do not need to be drenched. Low moisture cleaning ensures that carpets will dry in as little as one hour. The colors will be brighter and true to their original state. Saturated carpet cleaning leads to mold and mildew, stains, long drying times, chemical build-up and attract more soil.

The best, well-maintained equipment is used and all soaps are composed of only the most eco-friendly chemicals. Care is given to your home as well as your carpet so that there is no damage to be concerned about. When you have a professional to clean your carpet, you can have peace of mind from knowing that you have the best, most guaranteed quality of work.

Professional carpet cleaning should occur at least once per year and more often if your carpet gets high traffic. This extends your carpet life, making better air quality, decreasing risks of illness. Doing your own carpet shampooing is not as effective and can lead to over shampooing, drenching, soap residue buildup, discoloration, shrinkage, and mold. Another hazard is when the furniture is not moved or the feet of the furniture come in contact with the wet carpet. Professionals know how to properly set up rooms for effective carpet cleaning.

Another great feature about using professional carpet cleaners is that they know the right tools to use for difficult stains, how to pre and post-treat carpets and they know what suggestions to make for maintaining carpet health. When a carpet ages, it may need to be retreated with a special finish so that it resists stains. Pet odors and stains are also a big reason people get their carpets cleaned by a service. These are difficult to treat, but a professional can pull it off. They can also make recommendations for prevention and interval cleaning.


The Many Health Benefits of Having Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional


Great Reasons
There are many great reasons that a person should choose to have their carpets professionally cleaned. It may be a surprise to discover that having your carpets cleaned by a qualified professional will prove to offer so many benefits. There are some good health benefits when your carpets are free from any dust, dirt, pet hair, and any other items that can build up in your carpets. A carpet that is free from particles will leave any room clean and fresh and free from any harmful items. It should be known that a professionally cleaned carpet is better than just vacuuming. The entire environment will be healthier.

The Benefits of a Professional Carpet Cleaning
*There are many health benefits
*A carpet will last longer
*A cleaner environment
*Quality service
*Will handle furniture moving safely and efficiently
*The right cleaning detergents
*The proper equipment will be used

A Trained Professional
A trained professional will make sure that you wont have to do the work. Your carpets will be cleaned right. The professional will move all the furniture, brine the right equipment to get the job done properly, and a professional will know the detergents that will not cause any harm to your carpet. When you hire a professional you can be assured that they are insured and qualified to get your carpets cleaned effectively and safely. A Professional will do a deep cleaning and you will get carpet that looks and smells like new.

Problem Stains Removed
If your carpet has stains that make it look old and dingy, you can count on a professional to have the right stain remover and bring back the value to the carpet.
The following stains can easily be removed from your carpet when you have a professional tackle the job. These include:
*Food stains
*Oil/grease stains
*Pet stains

100 Percent Satisfaction
When you have a professional clean your carpet, you will get the benefit of being 100 percent satisfied. A professional will make sure that every carpet cleaning job is clean and that every customer is completely happy and satisfied with a job well done. There is a guarantee or every customer to be 100 percent satisfied with their professionally cleaned carpet.

Excellent Service
A professional carpet cleaner will give every person the benefit of great service. Your carpet will be cleaned when it is convenient for you. The professional carpet cleaners are glad to give every customer friendly service.  “I try to my very best in people’s homes,” Dave says owner of CD Unlimited Carpet Cleaning Service in Davenport IA.